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2018 Art Contest


The deadline to enter the 2018 Art Contest has closed. Click here to view the 16 finalists. Thank you to all of the students who entered!!





2018 THEME:

Monster, Myths, and Legends


Monsters, myths, and legends have always inspired artists.  Throughout his career, George Rodrigue breathed visual life into these stories, using his imagination to invent images and scenes associates with the tales, particularly those of the Cajun people.  As a young boy in New Iberia, Louisiana, George's mother warned him, "If you're not good today, the Loup-garou will eat you tonight!"  Years later, it was Rodrigue's artistic interpretation of the Loup-garou, or Cajun werewolf, that launched his iconic Blue Dog series.


This year, in partnership with the Louisiana Folklore Society, we invite Louisiana high school juniors and seniors to use their creativity to bring a monster, myth, or legend to life through an original work of art. We encourage students to explore their own regional folklore like George Rodrigue did; however, we also welcome them to create their own unique monster, myth, or legend through their art.


A group of 15 finalists will share $45,000 in college scholarships. Following the Scholarship Awards Luncheon on March 24, 2018, the 15 winning entries will travel on public view for one year as an exhibition at museums and cultural venues across Louisiana.










All juniors and seniors in Louisiana are eligible for entry in the GRFA Art Contest. Seniors must be enrolled in college for the fall 2018 semester in order to receive scholarship funds.  Juniors will receive a cash scholarship towards future college expenses.  No test score, grade point average, or college major requirement is necessary for entry.




Judging is a blind two-part process. The first round judges use an online judging system based on the submitted photo. The pieces of the 15 selected finalists are judged in person at the George Rodirgue Foundation of the Arts. On average, we receive 600 entries annually. Our guests judges use the following three elements to score the artwork:


  • Concept/Design (1/3 of score):  Does the artwork address the theme in a clear and inventive way? Does it tell an engaging story?
  • Technical Skill (1/3 of score):  Does the artwork show an understanding of visual art principles such as use of color, shading, light, and form?
  • Creativity (1/3 of score):  Does the artwork showcase an original point of view?  Does it provide a fresh perspective on the theme?


 Art Guidelines


Size minimum:  11 x 14 inches, Size maximum:  18 x 24 inches

Medium: oil/acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, pen, graphite, marker, watercolor, collage, ink, mixed media, or digital media.  We regret that we are unable to accept any photography or three-dimensional work at this time.

Signature:  on the back ONLY to prevent judge bias

Framing:  GRFA accepts unframed and un-matted works only.




Attention Art Teachers


The school that submits the most entries will receive a year's worth of art supplies through our George's Art Closet program. Art supply kits are valued at $1,000, and they give students the tools needed to have a first-class art education! Please encourage all of your students to enter.


Awards Luncheon


All finalists and their families will be invited to the Scholarship Awards Luncheon on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. The following scholarships will be presented:






1st Place - $6,000

1st Place - $1,250

2nd Place - $5,500

2nd Place - $1,000

3rd Place - $5,000

3rd Place - $750

4th Place - $4,500

4th Place - $500

5th Place - $4,000

5th Place - $250

6th Place - $3,500


7th Place - $3,000


8th Place - $2,500


9th Place - $2,000


10th Place - $1,500



 A special THANK YOU to our 2018 Art Contest sponsors!





 Review 2018 Art Contest Terms and Conditions



The Story of the Blue Dog
As a boy, Rodrigue knew of a legend of the "loup-garou" or werewolf that lurked in sugar cane fields, threatening to haunt bad children. The legend said nothing about the loup-garou's color, but Rodrigue thought the night sky would cast a blue-grey shade on its fur when he painted it in 1984 for Bayou (Inkwell), a book of forty ghost stories by Chris Segura.